PrestaShop Addons - FREE Facebook Social Contact Page!

Yes, you read that right! You can download our PrestaShop Social Facebook Contact Page module for free now! Below is a brief description of what our module will bring you! so why deprive yourself of it? :) 

In short

This module allows your customers to contact you by messenger on your Facebook page directly from your site!
You will be able to manage your after-sales service effectively, by receiving real-time notifications on facebook and messenger.

Most of this product

insert_chart Encourages your visitors to finalize their purchases
headset Improves customer relations
  • Improved Sav
  • Questions in real time
  • Visibility of your facebook page directly from your site!
  • Expanding Your Facebook Community

What your customers will like

  • Service much faster and more ergonomic!
  • Available on mobile thanks to messenger
  • Can have access to your latest facebook news in one click!

Do not hesitate to drop us a little comment to thank us, we are always happy! <3

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