Plusieurs modules PrestaShop pour personnaliser votre boutique en ligne, gagner du trafic, améliorer vos conversions et fidéliser vos clients. Faites réussir votre site e-commerce !

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Apple Pay / Google Pay - 1 Click Checkout

Activate Apple Pay / Google Pay for all your visitors allowing them to order in 1 CLICK without needing to be connected and drastically increase your conversion rate by 250%!

Price €199.99

Sell your products by meter, weight , pounds , liter

This module allows you to sell the products you want by the meter, kilogram, liter, etc.Choose the scale, the limits, and your customers will be able to buy your product according to your choices. HUGE time savings.

Price €199.00

Sell Virtual / dematerialized products by attributes

This module allows you to sell several dematerialized goods / software / modules / key per product and variations! You can choose several versions for each version, the client will find all his downloads from his account!

Price €149.99

Force selection of options before adding to cart

This module allows you to force customers to select all the options of your products (Size, color, etc.) before you can add it to the cart! Essential option to avoid order returns.

Price €149.99

Compulsive purchase - Order notifications - Boost sales

Like Shopify, display purchase notifications for your products in real time, orders placed or randomly to encourage compulsive buying and boost your sales! The customer will see all the orders placed on each of your products, giving him great...

Price €149.99

Auto-Post Products to Facebook Wall

This module automatically publishes your products for scheduled periods on your Facebook page! Don't wait and boost your visibility on Facebook and Google effortlessly!

Price €149.99

PayPal / Stripe - Automatic Refund By Customer Module

Ce module vous permet de vendre les produits que vous souhaitez au mètre, kilogramme , litre , etc.. Choisissez l'échelle, les limites, et vos clients seront en mesure d'acheter vos produits en fonction de vos choix. GAIN de temps ÉNORME.

Price €149.99

Upload Media Uploader - Video, Images, Files and Music

This module allows you to upload and display videos, images, music and files to download on your product sheets! You can send several hundred files at a time! From your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Instagram! The files are hosted on your own...

Price €129.99

Lease financing & multiple payments

This module allows you to display payment and financing methods in several installments + contact button directly on your product sheets! It is ideal for B2B trade & expensive products that require lease credits etc.

Price €129.99

Nice WishList - Fast & Design & Responsive

This module allows your customers to add products to their wish list to choose the products they like in your store and also to share it with anyone.

Price €99.99

Invisible reCAPTCHA V3 - Anti-Spam & Anti-Bot

Eliminate ALL spam & bots with Invisible Google reCAPTCHA v3. The most efficient CAPTCHA module which does not alter the user experience of your customers thanks to our invisible mode!

Price €49.99

Messenger - Live Chat Support

Reliable, fast and secure facebook chat module. Increase your sales easily and get in touch with your potential customers , using the strength of the most used social network.

Price €49.99

Social Facebook Contact Page

This module allows your customers to contact you by messenger on your Facebook page directly from your site! You will be able to manage your service a lot more efficiently, receiving real time notifications on facebook and messenger.

Price €0.00
Showing 1-13 of 13 item(s)